Airport shuttle

New: FREE airport shuttle services to Poitiers Biard and from Poitiers Biard airport!



The Vienne Department offers for Poitiers Biard Airport passengers one free shuttle available for each departure and arrival on scheduled flights (subject to availability).

From 19th June to 30th September 2018, FREE shuttle services run between Poitiers Bus Station (near to the rail station -on the ground floor of the TOUMAÏ car park - city center) and Poitiers Biard Airport. It will be operated by Les Rapides du Poitou.

Departures and arrivals: platform C1 «Pôle Multimodal » at the Bus Station.

Number of seats: 17 + 1 on access for people with reduced mobility

Warning:  all our flights are not concerned by theses shuttles, so please refer to the timetables below to know all the practical information for your travel.


Please noted that there is no bus line between the airport and the city center/or train station so when you arrive at the airport you can also take a taxi to join these places.

Information on taxis :

For more information, contact the airport reception on +33 (0)5 49 30 04 40 or by email at


Lignes en Vienne

The Lignes en Vienne network offers 18 regular lines on the territory of the department running throughout the year and mainly from Monday to Saturday for travel needs of all. The main stop on Poitiers is at the bus station on the ground floor of the TOUMAÏ car park, near to the rail station. Consult other stops depending on your route on

Warning Lignes en Vienne do not pass through the airport (taxi service to get to the bus station).


Travel at reduced cost : a single price of 2.5€

You can buy your tickets :

Among carriers*,

  • 10 trips card and subscription

Directly from bus drivers :

  • single ticket 2,50€
  • 10 trips card at 15€


*Les Rapides du Poitou - Poitiers - 20, rue de la plaine / Transports Martin - Montmorillon - 15, boulevard Gambetta / Transdev Poitou-Charentes - Châtellerault - 5 rue Bernard Palissy - ZI du Sanital

The summer routes : 9 partner sites

Summer routes at 3€** round trip with a discount to entry (30 % average reduction) on 9 partners sites (Vallée des Singes, Abysséa, Planète aux crocodiles, DéfiPlanet, Le Cormenier, Parc de la Belle, Parc de St Cyr, Bois de Saint-Pierre, Cité Médiévale de Chauvigny et spectacle « Les Géants du Ciel). The purchase of the transport ticket is on Lignes en Vienne buses or online at

**2€ for groups of over 10 people.

For more information, contact Lignes en Vienne on +33 (0)5 49 21 04 00 or consult the website