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Whether for business or a family holiday, Lyon has something for everybody. Its history and culture have made the city a popular destination for a romantic weekend escape or a holiday between friends.

Connecting flights from Lyon : Biarritz, Bologne, Brest, Bruxelles, Caen, Lille, Luxembourg, Marseille, Milan, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Venise, ...


Flight Schedules Poitiers - Lyon: 
FromToDeparture timeArrival timeDays
31/03/201927/10/20197H008H10Monday - Friday
31/03/201927/10/201918H1019H20Daily except saturday
Flight Schedules Lyon - Poitiers: 
FromToDeparture timeArrival timeDays
31/03/201927/10/20198H459H55Monday - Friday
31/03/201927/10/201919H5521H05Daily except saturday


Please note that for flights to Lyon, you must check-in at the airport 1 hour before your flight departure time.

Country information: 


Capital - Paris

Area - Almost 633 000 km² (inc overseas territories)

Population - 65,6 million (inc overseas territories)

Currency - Euro

Language - French

Time zone - GMT+1 (or 1 hour in front of London and Edinburgh)

Climate - France offers a variety of climates. Great contrasts can be seen between the different regions – Mediterranean climate (warm & dry summers and mild winters), to a Mountain climate (cold and snowy in winter).

Things to see and do: 

Lyon, world heritage centre UNESCO

This historic city is full of the finest and most compelling sites, one after the other. From ancient to present day, you can trace the history of the city. From the Roman theatres of Fourvière, to the peninsula, pass through the old city of Lyon on the way. Architectural treasure: don’t miss the neighborhood of La confluence with her very original buildings.

Nature and urban planning, a harmonious couple

Do not forget to visit Lyon’s nature sites during your stay. Stroll through the Parc de la Tête d’Or, the Hauteurs or the Cerisaie. Give yourself a break in in the gardens of the museum or stroll on the banks of the Rhone. And to finish a perfect day, sit on one of the terraces with a drink and watch the world go by.

The Maison des Canuts

Come and discover Jacquards invention on a guided tour of this museum. Between demonstrations and explications, the history of silk will be revealed. Adults and children alike will enjoy.



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