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Extra Destinations

EXCEPTIONAL ! Additional destinations in June !

Additional direct flights departing Poitiers-Biard Airport from the 20th to the 29th June 2017.

Do not miss our 5 additional destinations: Porto, London, Marrakesh, Marseille and Dublin (find all flight schedules below).

Attention, only 10 days in June to discover these destinations from Poitiers-Biard Airport.

Reservations are open here !


Departure of Poitiers






Marseille 20/06/2017 10h35 11h55 Tuesday
Porto 20/06/2017 14h10 15h10 Tuesday
London Stansted 20/06/2017 16h40 17h05 Tuesday
Marrakesh 20/06/2017 19h30 20h30 Tuesday
Porto 22/06/2017 10h25 11h25 Thursday
London Stansted 22/06/2017 17h25 17h50 Thursday
Dublin 23/06/2017 16h35 17h25 Friday
Marseille 24/06/2017 10h35 11h55 Saturday
Marrakesh 24/06/2017 11h50 12h50 Saturday
Porto 24/06/2017 14h10 15h10 Saturday
London Stansted 24/06/2017 14h15 14h40 Saturday
Porto 25/06/2017 14h45 15h45 Sunday
London Stansted 26/06/2017 15h05 15h30 Monday
Dublin 26/06/2017 16h10 17h00 Monday
Porto 27/06/2017 14h10 15h10 Tuesday
Marseille 27/06/2017 10h35 11h55 Tuesday
London Stansted 27/06/2017 16h40 17h05 Tuesday
Marrakesh 27/06/2017 19h30 21h30 Tuesday
Porto 29/06/2017 10h25 11h25 Thursday
London Stansted 29/06/2017 17h25 17h50 Thursday


Arriving at Poitiers






Porto 20/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Tuesday
Marseille 20/06/2017 12h20 13h45 Tuesday
London Stansted 20/06/2017 13h55 16h15 Tuesday
Marrakesh 20/06/2017 14h00 19h05 Tuesday
Porto 22/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Thursday
London Stansted 22/06/2017 14h40 17h00 Thursday
Dublin 23/06/2017 13h20 16h10 Friday
Porto 24/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Saturday
Marrakesh 24/06/2017 6h20 11h25 Saturday
Marseille 24/06/2017 12h20 13h45 Saturday
London Stansted 24/06/2017 11h30 13h50 Saturday
Porto 25/06/2017 11h20 14h20 Sunday
London Stansted 26/06/2017 12h20 14h40 Monday
Dublin 26/06/2017 12h55 15h45 Monday
Porto 27/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Tuesday
Marseille 27/06/2017 12h20 13h45 Tuesday
London Stansted 27/06/2017 13h55 16h15 Tuesday
Marrakesh 27/06/2017 15h00 19h05 Tuesday
Porto 29/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Thursday
London Stansted 29/06/2017 14h40 17h00 Thursday


(All times indicated are local)

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