Peak period from the 20th to the 29th of June 2017

Additional delays are to be expected passing border and security controls. Please anticipate your arrival at the airport.

For Ryanair flights, passengers must be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the flight departure time. More information

Extra Destinations

EXCEPTIONAL ! Additional destinations in June !

Additional direct flights departing Poitiers-Biard Airport from the 20th to the 29th June 2017.

Do not miss our 5 additional destinations: Porto, London, Marrakesh, Marseille and Dublin (find all flight schedules below).

Attention, only 10 days in June to discover these destinations from Poitiers-Biard Airport.

Reservations are open here !


Departure of Poitiers






Marseille 20/06/2017 10h35 11h55 Tuesday
Porto 20/06/2017 14h10 15h10 Tuesday
London Stansted 20/06/2017 16h40 17h05 Tuesday
Marrakesh 20/06/2017 19h30 20h30 Tuesday
Porto 22/06/2017 10h25 11h25 Thursday
London Stansted 22/06/2017 17h25 17h50 Thursday
Dublin 23/06/2017 16h35 17h25 Friday
Marseille 24/06/2017 10h35 11h55 Saturday
Marrakesh 24/06/2017 11h50 12h50 Saturday
Porto 24/06/2017 14h10 15h10 Saturday
London Stansted 24/06/2017 14h15 14h40 Saturday
Porto 25/06/2017 14h45 15h45 Sunday
London Stansted 26/06/2017 15h05 15h30 Monday
Dublin 26/06/2017 16h10 17h00 Monday
Porto 27/06/2017 14h10 15h10 Tuesday
Marseille 27/06/2017 10h35 11h55 Tuesday
London Stansted 27/06/2017 16h40 17h05 Tuesday
Marrakesh 27/06/2017 19h30 21h30 Tuesday
Porto 29/06/2017 10h25 11h25 Thursday
London Stansted 29/06/2017 17h25 17h50 Thursday


Arriving at Poitiers






Porto 20/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Tuesday
Marseille 20/06/2017 12h20 13h45 Tuesday
London Stansted 20/06/2017 13h55 16h15 Tuesday
Marrakesh 20/06/2017 14h00 19h05 Tuesday
Porto 22/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Thursday
London Stansted 22/06/2017 14h40 17h00 Thursday
Dublin 23/06/2017 13h20 16h10 Friday
Porto 24/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Saturday
Marrakesh 24/06/2017 6h20 11h25 Saturday
Marseille 24/06/2017 12h20 13h45 Saturday
London Stansted 24/06/2017 11h30 13h50 Saturday
Porto 25/06/2017 11h20 14h20 Sunday
London Stansted 26/06/2017 12h20 14h40 Monday
Dublin 26/06/2017 12h55 15h45 Monday
Porto 27/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Tuesday
Marseille 27/06/2017 12h20 13h45 Tuesday
London Stansted 27/06/2017 13h55 16h15 Tuesday
Marrakesh 27/06/2017 15h00 19h05 Tuesday
Porto 29/06/2017 7h00 10h00 Thursday
London Stansted 29/06/2017 14h40 17h00 Thursday


(All times indicated are local)

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