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Poitiers Biard airport may, at any time and without prior notice, make changes to the products, schedules or services described on this website. contains hypertext links to the websites which have been listed and classified according to our headings, based on their content. The editors of these websites are solely responsible for the content of these websites. We do not check the websites we link to for computer viruses, and consequently the user is entirely liable for the risks associated with accessing these websites.

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The company is registered at SEAPB and its head office is at:

Aéroport Poitiers Biard

5 Rue du Sous-Lieutenant Collart - 86580 Biard

Tel : +33 (0)5 49 30 04 40

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  • Publication director: Jean-Yves TERRIOT, Director
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Airlines that are subject to an operating ban within the EU :

To be consulted on the website of the European Comission


Poitiers Biard Airport has partnered with Easyvoyage to offer you a flight comparison service on departures from Poitiers.


The commitments laid out in Easyvoyage’s comparison charter state :

  • That Easyvoyage is not a trading company
  • That its list of offers is by no means exhaustive
  • That the prices shown are not guaranteed to be the lowest
  • How often prices are updated
  • The criteria for listing offers

You can consult Easyvoyage’s Comparison Charter in full here

Poitiers Biard Airport uses the Easyvoyage search engine, which lists offers from online tour operators, to allow users of its site to compare these offers for free, according to different search criteria (notably price and availability).

To report any problems, please call 0899 199 879 (€3 TTC incl. VAT per call) Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm, and Saturday to Sunday between 9am and 6pm.

Our comparison provider, Easyvoyage, is paid by trading partners (by means of a written contract). This payment has no impact on the ordering of the offers on our site, nor on the final price of the trip referenced on our site. We have no capital links with the traders referenced on our site.

The listing of all data collected from travel agencies is done automatically through computerised processes, without any human intervention (which would be impossible given the volume of data dealt with on a daily basis) and in accordance with contracts or agreements, either paid or free.

The results given by the search engine are not exhaustive because they include only those offers from online tour operators referenced by Easyvoyage.

The data presented on the site is updated by tour operators at least every 24 hours, though particular technical conditions, stemming either from the tour operator directly or from the Easyvoyage site, may prevent such regular updates from taking place.

Poitiers Biard Airport is neither a travel agency nor a reservation centre. The site does not sell tourism related services of any kind.

The source of each offer listed by the search engine is always noted on the site and a hyperlink to the site of the tour operator who provided the offer is given.

If you would like more information or to purchase any tourism related service, you must go directly to the website of the tour operator in question.


The limits of Poitiers Biard Airport website 

Tour operators are third parties over whom neither Poitiers Biard Airport nor Easyvoyage have authority.

The Poitiers Biard Airport is not therefore able to guarantee that the information received from tour operators is entirely correct. Furthermore the automatic listing of these offers is susceptible to failures linked notably to Internet connectivity at any given moment (temporary loss of connection, internet congestion, packet loss,...). These technical failures, which cannot always be detected in a short space of time, can therefore lead to errors on the site (outdated information, incorrect information due to inaccurate data sorting).

You are therefore asked to verify on the site of the tour operator the accuracy of the information found on the Poitiers Biard Airport website (prices, departure dates, formalities, etc.) before placing an order with the tour operator in question. Once purchased, the price and details of the service indicated on the site of the tour operator at the time of purchase will be applied.

All the prices shown on the Poitiers Biard Airport website are as often as possible prices with taxes and fees already included. The prices shown on our website are not exhaustive because they include only those offers from online tour operators referenced by Easyvoyage

These prices do not take into account optional services such as insurance costs (cancellation, multi-risk,…) ; and for certain flights :  varying costs linked to chosen payment method, administrative fees and baggage.

Despite the care with which we monitor the prices shown on our website, we recommend that you always verify the details of every offer on our partners’ site to which you will be redirected in order to make a purchase.

When results are ordered by price, we display them with the lowest price first (ascending order). In the case of identical prices, we display the quickest responding partner first.

Poitiers Biard Airport does not intervene in any way in the commercial relationship which links you to a tour operator, and thus any dispute relating to an order placed with a tour operator must be resolved directly with the tour operator in question. 

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