Romanesque capital

You are won over first of all by the streets in the city centre, ideal for strolling around its renovated architectural setting in which Roman art dominates. The historical heritage of Poitiers features over 80 listed monuments.

There are museums that fans of archaeology, the fine arts and even unusual objects can visit. Keen shoppers have a wide choice of major department stores, boutiques and small traditional and craft shops. The choices for gourmets are just as numerous, with a varied range of restaurants offering inventive cuisine or typical regional dishes.

This art of good living is not the only asset that you will enjoy in Poitiers: the city is also a dynamic cultural centre with a host of attractions. Over 3,000 shows are organised each year for all types of audiences: film festivals, street art festivals, the “Polychromies” illumination of the cathedral, urban guided tours, etc. The range of leisure activities is dense and varied, with many sports, games, discovery rambles and nature walks to be enjoyed.

A wide choice of accommodation adapted to all tastes and budgets is available to ensure that you have a comfortable and pleasant stay.

The capital of the Poitou-Charentes region is decidedly a rich, authentic and lively city on a human scale, one which proudly preserves its quality of life. That’s why we love it.

Welcome to this city of charm.

Poitiers is sure to leave you with fond memories…




Discovery tours of Poitiers : Enjoy a fun visit, educational and interactive in the city, thanks to augmented reality and geolocation application features Poitiers-Zevisit

Treasure hunt : Discovering the famous women of the city. The Poitiers Tourist Office offers a great treasure hunt in search of the famous women of Poitiers to you to solve the case.

Visits 3D Poitiers : Live 3D development experience Poitiers and discover the city through time. A panoramic tour in 3D that tells how Poitiers has evolved from antiquity to the present, through unique and original historical refunds of its heritage.



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