La Roche Posay, a thermal city

European Capital of thermal dermatology, La Roche Posay is known for its velvet water. Exceptionally rich in trace elements, essential for the beauty and youth of our skin, the water from La Roche Posay is now used on a wide range of pharmaceutical products. On site: racetrack, casino, golf...



Spa Source, the largest Spa in France

Imagine 2000 sqm fully dedicated to the beauty of the skin and relax... Let yourself be carried away by the different sources: a thermal pool at 32 ° C, a fresh water jacuzzi, a sauna, a hammam ... Then, spin out the pleasure at the Lounge area, a bar with floral waters and gourmet meals.



The area of Normandoux and its Spa “Cinq Mondes”

Ready for a dip in ancestral rituals? You will fall for the spicy fragrances of the brand “Cinq Mondes” and its authentic massages. Take also advantage of a hydro massage pool, a hammam and the PowerPlate room.


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