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Wild Animal Parks


Monkeys’ Valley

Neither cage, nor fence! Move from island to island and come face to face with a capuchin or a maki catta. Among the 400 inhabitants of the Valley of Apes, discover gorillas and the impressive male Yaoundé, chimpanzees, so close to humans or bonobos, followers of friendly sex...




Crocodile Planet

200 crocodiles in a beautiful zoological and botanical park of 5000 sqm… Travel from China to Louisiana going through Africa and Australia: the caiman crocodilus rests near avocados, while the estuarine crocodile and its 1000 kilos prefers coconut trees!

You will appreciate the sustainable development policy of the planet where animals, never removed from the nature, are intended to return to their natural environment.




The Giants of the sky

From Easter to the end of September, these birds from the entire world provide a high-flying show with a panoramic view of the city: discover eagles, vultures, storks, great horned owls, parrots ... and let them graze you!



To see around Poitiers