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Bars and restaurants

The Orée du Ciel

The restaurant l’Orée du Ciel will close at the end of August 2019. For more information on opening days and hours, please contact directly the restaurant at +33 (0) 5 49 58 02 72 or by email to


Located on Poitiers Airport site, the restaurant offers a great way to start your travels, a business lunch or just a meal with friends.

The restaurant offers the following features :


     A panoramic view over Poitiers Airport and the runway

     A perfect and popular place for your business or family meals

     Free parking at the airport on presentation of your parking ticket




Open for lunch from Monday to Friday and on Sunday contact them right now to book a table on +33 (0)5 49 58 02 72, by mail or directly on line here.

Facebook Orée du Ciel


Snack time

Feeling hungry or need a coffee? Vending machines are available in the terminal and in the boarding areas. You can buy coffee, fresh drinks, snacks and sweets for a break any time.