Documents to prepare

Health Formalities


Documents to prepare

Documents to show

Depending on your destination, you may need to present your boarding card as well as your identity card (valid and official) or valid passport. This applies to travel both in France and to the countries of the European Union or to those countries which the Schengen Convention is in force.

In certain cases, a visa is also required. Before your departure, take the precaution to inquire carefully about the necessary documents and formalities required, by the diplomatic or consular authorities of the country of your destination.

A visa has to be requested in advance and an application completed at any consulate in France. Certain tour operators will apply for the visa on your behalf.


Request for renewal

To avoid any disappointment when renewing identity cards or passports just before travelling, we recommend:

  •  Check the expiry dates of passports and id cards, for all persons travelling, well before your departure date.  
  •  In case a renewal is necessary :
  •  Go straight to your local town hall if the request is for a French National identity card
  •  Or to a town hall which is equipped to take requests for biometric passports.* 

Please note, it is always recommended to submit the application at least one month before the date of travel for which the document is needed. Renewal may be requested during the three months preceding the expiry date of the document.



The following documents are not accepted for travel: family books, declaration of lost or stolen papers by the gendarmerie/police or driving license.


tighter border controls

The Schengen Borders Code has been amended : all travellers entering and exiting the Schengen area will now be subject to systematic and thorough border checks.

These checks include:

  • verifying the authenticity of the travel document submitted, in order to identify any attempt to use a falsified or stolen document
  • consulting national, European and international databases, to ensure the person is not the subject of an alert.

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Health Formalities


In case of accident or illness abroad, if you have not taken the relevant insurance, hospital and repatriation costs are at your own charge.

Please think before your departure to take the necessary precautions with a reputable insurance company. In general, your travel agent or tour operator can point you in the right direction.



For certain destinations, the health authorities insist on seeing your vaccination records prior to entering their country. Countries include Africa, South and Central America and Asia

Practical: For the latest up to date information on health formalities and the health situation at your destination, please visit the Medical Information Committee website at

For additional information, you can also to contact an authorized vaccination centre

  •  CHU Poitiers
  •  Infectious Diseases Service
  •  Secretary consultations and vaccinations

Tel : +33 (0)5 49 44 38 26

Otherwise, you can ask :

  •  Your doctor
  •  Your airline
  •  The Departmental Directorate for Health & Social Affairs +33 (0)2 40 12 80 00

Warning: Animals are also subject to certain health requirements. Consider including rabies vaccinations for your dogs and cats.


Attention - Don’t forget, that the final responsibility to check required health formalities and travel documents is yours.


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