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Important - Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices, passengers must not turn on or charge these devices on board an aircraft and they must not be stowed in any checked baggage.

Attention - Remember to indicate your name and address on all luggage.

All prices indicated are subject to change. Please refer to the internet site of your airline for up to date tariffs and conditions :


Hand luggage

Hand baggage is allowed on the aircraft, however the size and weight is restricted and these may vary depending on which airline you are travelling with.

With Ryanair, a little hand luggage (35 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm) and one item of hand luggage is accepted. This baggage may not exceed 10kgs and maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. All baggage that is overweight or oversized will be placed in the hold at a fee of 60€ for the passenger. From January 15th 2018 Ryanair will be implementing the new cabin bags policy. Only customers who have purchased Priority Boarding, Plus, Flexi Plus, or Family Plus will be permitted to bring two cabin bags on board. All other customers will only be permitted to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft, while their second larger wheelie bag must be placed in the hold at the boarding gate (free of charge).

With HOP! Your hand luggage must not exceed 12kgs and maximum dimensions 55cm x 35cm x 25cm.

Attention, don’t forget to consult our Security section to find out any items that are prohibited in hand luggage.


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Hold luggage

The maximum weight of hold luggage is defined by your airline.

Ryanair authorize 20kgs per hold luggage (an extra cost of 25€ per hold luggage). Excess baggage will be charged at 20€ a kilo.

With HOP! The number of baggage depends on which type of ticket you have purchased (Basic, Junior/Senior/Family Basic Plus and Maxi-Flex). For more information including the limitations for your baggage, please refer to the following page.


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Baggage for your baby

Babies travelling with HOP! are carried free up to the age of 2 years old, sitting on the parents lap. To see the conditions regarding babies baggage, please see the following page

With Ryanair, babies between 8 days and under 2 travelling on their parents lap, are charged 30€ each way. For more information please see the following page


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Luggage problems

If at your arrival in Poitiers Airport, your luggage is not there or if it’s damaged, please go straight to the Airport Reception to complete a Lost/Damaged bag report. This must be done prior to leaving the airport. After the report is completed, keep in contact with your airline to see the progress in your claim. Find the numbers and contacts here (lien vers page companies aériennes)


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plan Vigipirate

We would advise you that all hand luggage passes strict controls including a radioscopic inspection. Our security agents will visualize on screen the contents of your luggage. A manual inspection may also be requested.

If you have a pace-maker or other implanted device (ie insulin pump, hearing aid etc) please advise the security officer prior to passing the security screening gate. The control will then take place manually.

Your cooperation is kindly appreciated when completing security checks – remember, these are in place for your own safety. All controls are made prior to entering the boarding room.

Please note that for security reasons mobile phones must be switched off within the boarding area of the aircraft. Taking photos is also strictly forbidden once you have entered the boarding room.

It is strictly forbidden to place any sharp or blunt dangerous object in your hand luggage.


Hand luggage

Download  the entire restrictions on liquids in hand luggage : Restrictions on liquids

Forbidden items

In addition to the hazardous materials strictly prohibited on the aircraft (both in the hold and in the cabin) you cannot take on you, or in your hand luggage:

  •  Liquids (capacity  > 100 ml)
  •  Cosmetics (capacity > 100 ml)
  •  Aérosols (capacity > 100 ml)
  •  Knives /Scissors
  •  Blunt or sharp objects
  •  Weapons or imitations

Warning : all bottles over 100ml, including water bottles will be destroyed. We would like to remind you therefore, that all bottles over 100ml capacity are strictly prohibited when passing the security control. Cans are strictly forbidden in hand luggage, no matter what capacity. If in doubt, please refer to the official list on the Civil Aviation website

Restricted items

Liquids (such as mineral water, perfume, beverage….) cosmetics (such as cream, shower gel, mascara, shampoo) aerosols (deodorant, hairspray) are allowed under certain conditions:

All liquids, cosmetics and aerosols must:

  •  Be in a containers of less than 100ml
  •  Be presented in a closed transparent plastic bag, size maximum 20cm x 20cm. Only ONE bag allowed per person.

Exceptions in hand luggage

The following items are accepted, providing the quantities are adapted to the needs required during your flight:

  •  Baby food – security officer’s reserve the right to make you test the products.
  •  Liquid medication needed during the flight, these have to be accompanied by a valid doctor’s prescription.
  •  Insulin for diabetic passengers which has to be accompanied by a valid doctor’s prescription.
  •  Liquids purchased from distributors in the departure lounge, after all security checks.


Hold Baggage

No sharp objects are allowed to be carried in the cabin and must be placed in hold baggage.

Prohibited items

The following items are strictly forbidden on all flights (neither on your person, in your hand or hold luggage) :

  •  Explosives, ammunition, fireworks …
  •  Radioactive materials
  •  Flammable materials, paint…..
  •  Corrosive, oxidising, irritating substances (washing and cleaning products included)
  •  Toxic products, poison …
  •  Magnetic masses
  •  Gas

For more detailed information, please refer to the official list on the DGAC website

Authorised objects 

Liquids, cosmetics, aerosols, sharp or blunt objects (golf clubs….) are allowed in the hold.


The Airports Advice: Keep only the items essential for your trip in your hand luggage, place everything else in your suitcase.


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