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 Airport Reception

Airport Contact

Tel : +33 (0)5 49 30 04 40

Email :

Handling request :

opening hours

-> The 15th of August : airport will be closed

From the 29th pf july to 25th of august 2019WARNING: opening hours changed

  • monday to friday: 10am to 5pm
  • saturday: 12am to 6pm
  • sunday: 2pm to 6pm 

From the 26th of august 2019 to the 25th of october 2019

  • monday to friday: 9am to 6pm
  • saturday: 12am to 6pm
  • sunday: 2pm to 6pm


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Checking- in at the Airport

Check-in is the process by which you present your ticket (flight coupons, boarding card or electronic ticket depending on airline regulations). This is presented to allow both baggage check-in and access to the boarding area.

Upon arrival at the airport, check the screens which identify the hours and zone of your check-in. The deadline for check-in is well indicated on your ticket/boarding card. Present yourself at the zone indicated to check in your baggage and validate your journey.


Time limits for checking-in

The check-in deadlines vary from airline to airline. Gates close :

  • Hop: 30 min before departure time
  • Ryanair: For baggage check-in strictly 40 min before departure. Passengers 30 minutes before departure

In general, it is best to arrive 45 minutes – 1 hour before the departure time for domestic flights and from 1h30 – 2h00 for international and charter flights.

We advise that you follow these recommendations in order to have enough time to pass the security checks. Timings given are indicative as security controls may take longer during peak periods.

For any additional information, you can visit the airport reception to confirm the time of departure or contact us on +33 (0)5 49 30 04 40.


On line check-in

Certain companies offer the possibility (certain an obligation) of checking-in for your flight in the comfort of your home, by internet and to print your own boarding card. It is therefore recommended that you read the terms and condition of the airline you are travelling with to determine how to proceed.

Warning – On-line check in and the presentation of your printed boarding card at the airport is an obligation for all passengers travelling with Ryanair. Failure to do so for passengers who made the on-line check in will incur additional charges of 15€ per person.

Failure to do so for passengers who do not made the on-line check in and so who do not have the printed boarding card will incur additional charges of 70€ per person.


Travelling with Ryanair

Passengers can check-in online between 4 days and 2 hours before departure.

Once your online registration is completed, you have the option to re-print your boarding card up to 2 hours prior to departure.

To check-in online, you will need your reservation number and then go straight onto the Ryanair website and click on “Manage my booking” then “Online check-in”.

Attention: Passengers are reminded that they must present themselves at the boarding gate no later than 40 minutes before the departure time.


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Travelling with a baby

Pushchair and baby seats

Most airlines will accept you to take the pushchair to the foot of the aircraft steps. In these cases, the pushchair is subject to x-ray inspection by security.

We also inform our passengers that it is also possible to take baby car-seats or child booster seats in the hold of the aircraft for an extra fee. This is subject to the terms and conditions of the airline operating your flight.


Caring for your infant

Baby food and any necessary pharmaceutical baby products, baby milk, fruit juice, and water are allowed in hand luggage, on the condition that the quantity does not exceed the needs of consummation/use during the period of the flight. These items must be presented separately at security control for inspection.  Please note that the Security Agent may request that you taste the products presented.

A changing table is at your disposition in Boarding Room 1.


And for children

Children’s toys are allowed in their hand-baggage. However, there are exceptions such as transformable robots, that turn into toy guns and toy guns themselves. Water pistols, toys in hand grenade form, toy swords, helium balloons and playdoh (or similar) are not allowed in hand baggage.


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Unaccompanied children

Warning Children under the age of 16 years old cannot travel alone on any Ryanair flight.

With the airline HOP ! Air France children between the ages of 4 – 11 can travel alone as a UM passenger (Unaccompanied Minor) for domestic flights, if they do not suffer from any major handicap. UM passengers must present themselves at check-in at least 45 minutes prior to departure for internal flights and at least 1 hour before for international flights.


Children 4-11 years old

At the airport of departure, during check-in, your child will be given a special ‘UM wallet’ to keep with them during the totality of the flight. This contains their flight ticket, valid identity card or passport, a parental consent form and all details of the person designated to pick your child up at the destination airport. It is imperative that the person picking the child up at the destination airport has his/her identity card with them as proof of identity and is the same person as indicated on the parental consent form.


Children over 12 years

For children over the age of 12 travelling alone, the company does not accept legal responsibility. They will nevertheless attempt in any case of difficulties, to assist them.

For more information, please call in at the airport reception or call +33 (0)5 49 30 04 40.


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Travellers with reduced mobility

Admission to board any passengers with a disability or handicap is not subject to any special conditions. However, it is essential to inform the airline so that the passenger can benefit from the different services available.

If you are travelling with Ryanair, special assistance can be reserved on the website at the time of booking. Assistance can also be added up until 48 hours before the flight, via the ‘Manage my booking’ section on the website. After this time, you can contact Ryanair’s Special Assistance Line: 0891 46 00 46 (0,23€/min) from France. To find the assistance number from other countries please refer to

If the passenger does not make the relevant requests prior to travel, the services required cannot be guaranteed. Naturally, all possible efforts will be made by the teams at both airports.

Regarding the company HOP!  It is important to make your request at the time of reservation. You can reserve your ticket and request assistance with HOP! Reservations on +33 (0)825 30 22 22 (0,15 €/min) or at your local travel agency.

Contact: +33 (0)5 49 30 04 40


Upon arrival at the airport

Special parking areas and equipment are available to make life easier for passengers with reduced mobility:

  • special car park
  • special drop off zone
  • lifts and ramp access


In the airport

The airport provides assistance to facilitate boarding and disembarking the aircraft:

  • provision of airport staff to accompany
  • loan of wheelchairs
  • if required, lift on or off the aircraft


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Attention Animals are not accepted by Ryanair, with the exception of guide dogs on certain routes. For more information please refer to:


For other airlines, the current regulations are as follows:

In the cabin

Up to 5kgs maximum, your animal should be accepted on principle, in the cabin in a closed ‘sack’ or box. The total of the three dimensions of the container should not exceed 115cms. The tariff applied is 20€ one way and is paid directly at the airport.


In the hold (depending on type of aircraft)

Animals between 5kgs and maximum 20kgs, should be in a cage specifically for the purposes of air transport. The tariff is 40€ one way, payable directly at the airport. In principle, guide dogs and assistance dogs for disabled passengers are generally carried free of charge.



It is essential to inform the airline when booking.

Airlines do not generally accept more than two animals per flight.

Don’t forget to produce your animal’s health book clearly indicating that all necessary vaccines and formalities have been completed and produced for your animal to travel to your chosen destination.


Our advice

When travelling with an animal, please contact the reservation department of the airline by telephone (HOP! -0825 30 22 22 (0.15€/min)) and present yourself at the check-in at the airport at least one hour before your flight.

For a stress free voyage with your pet:

  •  Present all formalities required.  The animal’s health & vaccination records need to be presented at check-in. Your animal has to be tattooed or micro chipped.
  •  Manage stress - pets travel better after a little exercise. Think to take them for a walk before leaving.
  •  Anticipate your pet being hungry – don’t forget little snacks
  •  Think of his comfort: install him in a well aired, closed container which allows him to stand up and turn round.

To travel in the hold or in the cabin, buy a suitable ‘box’ which is adapted especially for air travel. We recommend you seek advice well in advance from your vet.


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Lost & Found

Any objects found in or adjacent to the airport terminal should be left at the Airport reception.

Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or by email for more information:

Tel : +33 (0) 5 49 30 04 40

Email :

For an object forgotten on the aircraft, please contact the baggage service of the airline concerned.


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Personal messages

To get a message to someone present at the airport, please approach the Airport Reception in the main airport hall.

Tel : +33 (0) 5 49 30 04 40


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Wifi connection

For the comfort of its customers, VINCI Airports has installed free and unlimited Wifi service in its 24 airports in France, Portugal and Cambodia.


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Petrol stations

If you want to top the tank up of your hire car before returning it, the two closest service stations are in Futuroscope direction:

  • Intermarche Demi Lune service station (2kms)
  • Total Service station (3kms)

For those arriving from the south, there is an Auchan service station at Poitiers Porte Sud, only 5kms from the airport.


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Banking services

We inform our passengers that there is no cash machine or exchange bureau in the airport. We recommend therefore, that you plan cash and foreign currency before your departure.


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Letter Box

A post-box is available in the main hall of the airport. Post is picked up at 14h00 Monday to Friday.


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Fire fighters provide a permanent presence at the airport and are able to provide assistance in case of illness/accident.

Attention, our fire fighters cannot replace a doctor or pharmacist and do not issue any medication.


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Mediation authority of French airports

In accordance with European regulations, (directive 2013/11/EU of 05/21/2013), we inform you about the possible referral to our partner "The Travel and Mediation". Contact details and referral procedures are available on its website for any claim deemed unsuccessful.


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