History of the airport






The Pilots of the Great War used the racecourse of Poitiers to practice their art. 1st plane landed: a RA14.


First commercial connection to Paris by plane from Poitiers.

Creation of the Flighing club du Poitou.


Implementation of a development project for the Biard airfield. The Vienne Chamber of Commerce and Industry wishes to make Poitiers one of the stopovers for daily Paris - Bordeaux - Madrid traffic, provided by postal aviation.

Concession project of Poitiers Biard airport to the Chamber of Commerce examined by the Ministry of Air. With the material assistance of the Chamber of Commerce, chaired by Gaston Morin (1942 / 1957), Poitiers became a regular stopover for the Paris-Bordeaux airline..


The Chamber of Commerce has acquired the sites necessary for the creation of an airfield and now has the authorization to operate it.


Under the chairmanship of Gérard DEFRETIERE (1958 / 1970), construction of the 1,800 m x 45 m paved runway and parking area.


Inauguration of the Rotunda, Poitiers Biard terminal.


The Vienne Chamber of Commerce and Industry becomes the concessionaire of Poitiers Biard Airport for a renewable 50-year period. A partnership: the investments are financed by the Consular Company, the Vienne General Council and the City of Poitiers.


Extension of 1,800 m to 2,350 m from the main runway.


Extension of the terminal building.


Poitiers airport welcomes the legendary Concorde aircraft for the first time.


Arrival of low-cost airlines and extension of the terminal building


Launch of the first low-cost line to London (Buzz company, a subsidiary of KLM)


Extension of the terminal building.

In 2002, inauguration of the new terminal - 1,400 m² - 4 check-in gates and 2 departure gates


Arrival of Ryanair after Buzz's takeover.

Setting up of the seasonal line on Ajaccio..

Renovation of the Rotunda: Restaurant L'orée du Ciel and administrative offices..


January: 1st Open House (which will become the Holiday Fair from Poitiers, 5,000 visitors a day).

October: opening of the La Rochelle/Poitiers/Lyon route with the AirLinair company.

January 2007

New legal structure: Creation of the Syndicat Mixte de l'Aéroport de Poitiers Biard bringing together the Communauté d'Agglomération de Poitiers, the Conseil Général de la Vienne and the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de la Vienne.

February 2007

Opening of the new paying car park (250 spaces): P1 for the short term and P2 for the long term. Extension of the rental car park.


Opening of a new route to Birmingham with Ryanair. 3 flights per week.


Opening of a new line to Edinburgh with Ryanair. 2 flights per week.


Opening of a new route to Barcelona-Girona with Ryanair. 2 flights per week.


Launch of procedures to find a new administrator following the withdrawal of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry..


Arrival of VINCI Airports to manage Poitiers Biard Airport.

Arrival of the company HOP (reuniting Airlinair, Regional & BritAir) operating the line between Poitiers and Lyon and Ajaccio.

Celebrating 10 years of the Poitiers Ajaccio line and the presence of Ryanair at the airport.


Opening of a new line between Poitiers and Shannon (Ireland) with Ryanair. 2 flights a week.


Arrival of SEALAR to manage Poitiers Biard airport

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